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This is a menu of seminars and practical exercises ranging from half a day in the classroom to a full 5-day residential course where those with, or about to take on the authority and responsibility for directing the work of others will learn the basics of leadership. Various scenarios will be played out, with participants being given every opportunity to learn from their own and others' performance. The key element of all training will be that leadership is based on interactions between people. Modern technology often gets in the way of this, but cannot be ignored.

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Training Needs Analysis

Train The TrainerHuman Resources

This short course will explain the basics of carrying out a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) in order to ensure that training needs are adequately covered and resources not wasted on unnecessary training activities.

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About Us

Bernhew Consultancy is a small company which now concentrates on delivering high quality training to individuals who aspire to greater things. There are two main areas covered: career advancement, and leadership training for those newly (or about to be) promoted into management roles. A wide range of other courses are also available, in particular communication and presentation skills. All course are very practical, have been described as being somewhat "off he wall", but rely very heavily hard won experience of what actually works rather than modern management theories.

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